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  According to the characteristic of structural ceramics due to its bearing-high temperature, anti-abrasion, anti-erosion and possessing high hardness, adopt the advanced structural design in Germany, our company has independently developed and made the ceramic ball valve which is high technique product. The alumina ceramic ball valves can be in accordance with the GB、JIS、API or other standards for manufacturing, and it has powerful abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance. It is an ideal substitution of imported hign-level valve. Currently, the ceramic ball valves have been widely used in petrochemical, mining and metallurgy, energy power station, medical paper, and other fields in our country and trusted by the user, unanimous praise.

  全衬陶瓷硬密封陶瓷球阀超耐腐蚀、超耐磨损、超耐冲蚀,颗粒纤维介质、强腐蚀介质中的最佳选择!high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance, the best choice in solid grains or fiber medium and strong corrosion medium.

  性能特点:Performance Features:

  ★、 所有与介质接触的部分均为结构陶瓷材料 , 其化学稳定性及硬度极高 ( 洛氏硬度 HRC90), 仅次于金刚石。因此 , 本阀具有极高的耐磨损、耐腐蚀、耐冲蚀性能,且隔热性好、热膨胀小。All parts touching the medium are structural ceramics. It has high chemical stability and high hardness(mohs’hardness: HRC90), its hardness is just lower than the diamond. Therefore, the ceramic ball valve has super-wearability, corrosion resistance, erosion wear resistance and heat insulation, low thermal expansion.

  ★、球体采用先进研磨设备及工艺制造,球圆度精度高,表面质量好,与阀座对研后,可取得很好的密封性能。The ball core was made by advanced grinding polishing equipment and advanced technology. Its roundness and sphericity is high precision, good surface quality. Align the valve seat for better sealing performance.

  ★、彻底改变了金属硬密封球阀易泄露、扭矩大、密封面不耐腐蚀的缺点。Completely resolve the shortcomings of metals hard seals ball valve with easy leaked, high pulling torque and non-corrosion resistant.

  ★、陶瓷良好的耐磨性,让本阀经久耐用,可靠性极高. 使用寿命长 ,是钛合金阀和蒙乃尔阀的2-4倍。With good wear resistance,the valve is longlasting, high reliable, and long service life.It is 2~4 time titanium alloy valve and Monel valve.

  ★、用于高硬度的颗粒介质,或有软颗粒但又有腐蚀的介质中,本阀门具有无可比拟的绝对优势,也是目前唯一合适此类介质的阀门。It is used in high hardness granular medium or soft granular and corrosive medium.The valve has the absolute advantage, and it is the only valve suitable for such medium.

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