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  Performance features of wear-resisting alumina lining plate



  Due to wearing condition of equipments during conveying materials in some trades, such as electrical power,metallurgy,coal cement, our company has developed welding wearable alumina ceramic lining board and plate. Possessing the characteristics of abrasion resistance,impact resistance and easy operation,the product can be used in all excessive wear machinery system of electrical power, iron and steel, metallurgy, machine, coal cement, mine, Chemical, port terminal and so on. It is an ideal surface material of conveying device and can prolong service life of equipment effectively.

  ★The ceramic board and the steel plate are welded and bound together without any falling off forever.

  陶瓷防弹片bullet-proof ceramic plate



  The product, which select our company's extreme hardness alumina or ZTA toughening ceramic materials as raw materials, is made by mature technology. Reliable quality, consistent color, small tolerances, high hardness, optimum density and powerful bullet-proof capability.

  All kinds of bullet-proof ceramic plates meet multi-country standards completely, such as NIJ, Europe, China, etc. It has passed test of authorized organization. The products have the good performance, light weight, large protection area, small distance between two bullet points. It can prevent bullet-penetrating with above level Ⅲ effectively, and avoid or significantly relieve non-penetrating damage caused by that the human body is hit by a bullet.